One Misty Moisty Morning

I do believe that English folk music is about due for another revival. The brief popularity in 60’s/70’s of revivalist groups like Steeleye Span is a hazy memory, vaguely linked to the hippie movement. It barely made a dent in the United States, that’s for sure. There’s definitely an element of willful anachronism in trying to make traditional folk music relevant, a sort of  so-uncool-we’re-cooler-than-you attitude of rebellion against modern standards of hipness. It’s very there on the American bluegrass scene. I’m not sure what the equivalent situation in the UK is, but I’m sure there’s some brave folks out there; probably bearded, armed with mandolins and harps, versed in Chaucer-era poetry, just waiting for the market to turn in their favor again.


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