One Kiss

One from the Ferry vault. It may be obscure to you, but it’s an essential. Bryan Ferry’s mid 70’s solo albums don’t get much credit, but they are all awesome. They sound a lot like mid 70’s Roxy Music. Weird, funky, campy, clever, hard to define. As per usual, Ferry sings about unrequited desire a lot. He’s not the first person to make that his great theme, but he does so better than most. In this case, there’s less the scent of English garden romantic gentility and more the seedy barfly side. As evidenced by the singer wearing a plain white T (!) on the sleeve. He certainly looks like he’s crept into a downscale disco on the bad side of town to find a nice commoner to share his cocaine bender. And you know that afterwards he’s going to send her home in a taxi with a little something extra for the road. Yeah, Ferry really lends himself to those kinds of fantasies.



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