One Hit (To the Body)

Could this possibly be about heroin? Not a far stretch, and not exactly a fresh metaphor, but still probably the best mid-80’s Rolling Stones song. The years between Steel Wheels and Tattoo You were not great, but this shows that The Stones could still play to their strengths and be convincingly cool in their swagger. What sets this one so far apart from the typical bad-boy Rolling Stones song is the genuinely bitter chemistry between the former Glimmer Twins. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were barely on speaking terms in 1986, and the others not much happier. The one-wrong-move-from-a-fistfight dynamic in the video was representative; Jagger being Jagger and Richards being oh so very very done with it. An angry Keith Richards in a leather jacket is a figure of impossible cool, regardless of decade or given level of inspiration. And Jagger is Jagger, still dancing on the edge between dangerous sexual mystique and ridiculous camp self-parody. And that’s the essence of The Rolling Stones throughout the years; they can  be unbelievably ridiculous, mediocre, a mockery of themselves, and yet on some level, still, somehow, dangerously cool.


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