One Day

What I love here is the striking sense of juxtaposition. Bjork, a collector of exotic sounds, effortlessly brings together a parade of instruments from all over the world, representing centuries of tradition. She has long been one of our most futuristic artists, always imagining new soundscapes, putting together unexpected elements both old and new. This song sounds both ancient and modern, and Bjork’s voice is, of course, timeless. Then, on the other hand, there’s the extreme topicality we see in that live performance. Is there anything on display that doesn’t shriek early 90’s? From the stage set clearly designed to look edgy on MTV, to Bjork’s trendy slipdress and lipstick, it’s a time capsule of an era. My, doesn’t she look young, though? Clearly this was before Bjork truly set about exploding the boundaries of fashion. A nascent artist, already musically accomplished far beyond her years, but still not quite her best self yet image-wise.


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