On Lavender Hill

Electroswing (EDM/Jazz fusion) is definitely a thing now. Not a huge thing, but a growing thing. You can thank Stephen Coates and his brainchild The Real Tuesday Weld for that. Though Coates prefers the more elegant term ‘antique beat’. Coates pioneered the increasingly popular practice of combining the very old with the very modern way back in the early two thousands. The realization that jazz and ragtime music could be rescued from scratchy old 78’s by the magic of digital technology wasn’t exactly a breakthrough, but reviving the style by infusing it with elements of electronic music definitely was. Coates did more than just that though; The Real Tuesday Weld is an all-across-the-board art project complete with a unique visual style, a cast of characters, its own insular iconography. A deeply specific, fully realized vision. Unfortunately, this track is not one of the ones enhanced by a stunning video accompaniment, but it’s experience enough on its own.


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