Oh No!

marina and the diamonds, marina diamandis, and electra heart image

In case you haven’t guessed, Marina and the Diamonds made one of my favorite albums of the recent past. Well, more than one and more than recent; I really enjoy all of her albums, and I know The Family Jewels came out six and a half years ago. It’s just that since experiencing her live show, I’ve been playing her music a lot more and paying closer attention. And I really couldn’t be more behind her message. Here, she’s gently mocking the contemporary trope of self-empowerment through material acquisition, a uniquely capitalist phenomenon, which I suppose is not entirely bad if it helps people feel slightly more empowered. Is empowerment through shopping and pop culture just a false sense of well-being? Are we lulled into feeling satisfied by shallow things as a distraction from exploring the underlying problems? Yeah. Definitely. But that’s not to dismiss the reality that we all do what we have to do to get by, and sometimes that means material consolation.


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