Off the Hook

The phrase ‘off the hook’ can mean a few different things, and one of them is something you do with your phone. Telephones, you see, used to be stationary household appliances that had to be ‘hooked up’ to an outlet. If you unhooked your phone, you were essentially incommunicado with the outside world. Which, in hindsight, was really kind of nice. You could bask in quiet ignorance without having all of the knowledge of the world constantly at your fingertips. Funny how little references like that can date a song far more than retrograde attitudes or actual musical style. A reminder of another time. The Rolling Stones were practically children when they wrote this song; they occupied a completely different world. Not that you should find it disturbing to think that now telephones are tiny handheld computers, television variety shows are in color and the surviving Rolling Stones are older than your grandfather. It’s just, you know, progress in action.


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