Off Our Backs

Would you like a side of gender politics with your dance pop? JD Samson and MEN are here to deliver just that. JD Samson is a singer, songwriter, DJ, essayist, activist, former member of Le Tigre and a ladyperson who exists in a hipster vortex of both having a moustache and a tattoo that says ‘moustache’, among many other notable achievements. With Le Tigre, you can thank Samson’s pop hook writing ability for taming Kathleen Hanna’s Riot Grrrl rage into something musically enjoyable. It’s a shame that MEN only recorded two albums (and I haven’t even found the second one) but Samson is a Renaissance style artist who keeps many projects on the stove, so to speak. Obviously, dance music that is not mindless and irrelevant is much needed in the world, and MEN’s Talk About Body is one dance pop album that speaks about feminist, LGBT+, civil rights and economic issues. One complaint about socially conscious activist types is that they often forget how to have fun, but you can’t say that about JD Samson. She delivers her message with a sense of humor. Of course she does, though. You can’t really be an outsider activist without an ironclad sense of humor – the sheer volume and velocity of heteronormative cissexist patriarchal bullshit would quickly make you insane. Thank god for the internet for providing a platform for modern activism; an activism of art, music, dancing and fun.


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