Ocean Man

These guys, who have not been heard from in forever. Disappeared forever back into the cornfields from whence they came? Or just resumed normal life under their real names? Either way, I’ll always love Ween for being the musical bastion of weirdness for the entire bleak 90’s. I didn’t actually discover them until well past their heyday, but it’s nice to know they kept the freak flag up for more plugged in members of my generation. Who else could have made a psychedelic maritime concept album? In 1997, just when the world needed it most, too. They really filled a need that didn’t have a name.


One thought on “Ocean Man

  1. Brett Ballantini says:

    They are back. Reformed. Reunited. Seemingly, with vigor. (Festival dates all summer, Colorado, Florida, New York City, et. al.) The freak flag flies again.

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