Obviously 5 Believers

With Bob Dylan, nothing is ever obvious. Dylan embodied the legend of the cryptic poet; some saw him as more like a soothsayer than a rock singer. Meanwhile he always maintained that there was no sooth to his sayings, and everyone should just chill the eff out. Sometimes the soothsayer just wanted to rock out. This song was more of a throwaway than most, and less verbose. It makes not much more or much less sense than the average blues song. Though sometimes Dylan’s singing sounds like an ornery experiment (can one vocalize and hork phlegm at the same time? Yes, apparently ) he’s actually not much worse at it than the average bluesman. An uptempo R’n’B number is well within his reach, and it’s a good fit. And really, it’s fun when the gnomic one just cuts loose; Dylan always seems to be having too much fun with his own cleverness, but he doesn’t always seem to relish musicality itself. Though he doesn’t entirely step away from the persona, here the music doesn’t feel like just a vehicle for delivering the bon mots.


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