Marina Diamandis makes  a simple, salient point. We’ve all got obsessions that tie us into knots over the stupidest things. Sometimes it’s something full fledged and in need of medicating, but mostly it’s just little internal ticks that stress us out when we could be having a perfectly normal time. I can relate! You can relate. And Marina comes off like the artsy best friend who makes you feel better about your own slight dysfunction because she wears hers so well. Not suggesting that being neurotic is glamorous and cool, but being glamorous and cool despite being neurotic is more glamorous and cool than just being dysfunctional, if you know what I mean. What I mean is, Marina Diamandis is exploring the fine nuances of modern identity – such as how much dysfunction can you function with before people decide that you’re too dysfunctional and it’s not cute anymore – in a positive-attitude way that’s hugely inspiring.


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