One of my favorite recent parallel universe radio hits. The first part because I love song with a big triumphalist melody and depressing lyrics. The second bit because indie radio really is a parallel universe, and while Miniature Tigers do have a Wikipedia page, it’s a pretty scant one, and I’ve never seen or heard mention of them in any form of legit media. Which is just my luck; it seems like the more clever and promising a new discovery is, the less likely they are to get publicity. These guys have been operating in the now-crowded field of Fake New Wave/Indie Synthpop/Dreamwave for a full decade, which by rights should make them elder statesmen or something, and they’re more clever than most. They have an album called Mia Pharaoh and songs that reference David Hockney, among other things. I love clever references, and people who make them should be feted.


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