O Children

Nick Cave can make cold creepy crawly chills run down your spine. This songs gives me all the heebie-jeebies.  And he’s not even going out of his way to be disturbing. Coming from a man who once made a full album of murder ballads (and called it Murder Ballads) what’s a song about taking children away on trains? What’s a few light Holocaust references? That’s what I take it to be, that or a hymn to religious fanaticism. Line your children up for inspection before they get on the train. Let the cleaners hose you down. You’re all going to the kingdom and you don’t know what you’re in for. There only one thing those images bring to mind.  Hardly the stuff of family entertainment, but somehow this song found its way into a Harry Potter movie. Now there’s two fandoms you don’t expect to have much overlap. On the other hand, the Potterverse explicitly got quite dark, and there were things implied between the lines that were frankly infernal. So maybe not a bad match, Nick Cave singing about the Holocaust and a children’s book about attempted genocide.


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