A rare sighting of U2. By ‘rare’ I mean you’ll rarely sight them on this blog, because, you know, not a fan. In the real world, of course, U2 sightings are the opposite of rare, not least thanks to their notorious recent attempt to colonize the world via iPhone. But I guess it’s worth remembering that they were actually a pretty good band before Bono’s self-righteous delusions of grandeur became too much to bear. The good period lasted into the early nineties, I think, though some say that by 1993 they already sucked. I thought Zooropa was a good album – their last good album – and this has the dubious honor of being probably my favorite U2 song. Perhaps not coincidentally, it features lead vocals by The Edge, who despite his atrocious facial hair and hat choices, is by far the less annoying of the two U2 members who have names.


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