Nowhere Man

And here is why the Beatles had to quit playing live. You can see the frustration of trying to play lyrically and melodically complex tunes in the face of incessant screaming. It’s not that they couldn’t recreate the complexity of their new sound live; it’s that nobody in the audience was paying attention. What’s the point of a flawless three part harmony if no one can hear it? Not to mention deep lyrics about alienation and loneliness.  John Lennon in particular was just oozing existential ennui at this point, feeling like a show pony and writing songs about the sheer pointlessness of his life. The charade of being endlessly chipper and adorable was about to end. It’s slightly weird to see them, being already so far ahead of their ‘mania era selves, still stuffed into the matchy-matchy suits and just barely toeing the line.


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