Nothing To Say

Carrying on with Jethro Tull today, because frankly, I just never get tired of them. There’s not that many bands I could go off on an incessant listening spree with, and J-Tull is right up there. Luckily, they have a wide spread of albums, enough to last a couple of days. I tent to lean towards their more unabashedly progressive material, which, compared to what else falls under that umbrella, is not really ‘prog’ at all. Benefit, their third album, I think of as the end of their early not-as-weird phase. After that came Aqualung, in which Ian Anderson truly spread his poetic wings and showed just how clever and angry and perceptive a songwriter he could be. Of course, there’s plenty to be said for the relative simplicity of their early work too. I would say that, right up until the 80’s soured everything, there isn’t actually a single J-Tull album I don’t love.