Nothing Better

This may be my favorite Postal Service song. I love a good duet, and this one very refreshingly pokes some holes in the usual Ben Gibbard romanticism. That romanticism, of course, is one of the appeals of the Postal Service and of Death Cab, and you wouldn’t be a fan if you didn’t relate to it at least a little. But, as many critics have noted, it can get pretty rote, not to mention it runs the gamut from pathetic to creepy. In fact, the Gibbard musical persona has been held up as a low-key example of a certain type of an actually very disturbing male mindset – the manipulative, borderline stalker mentality of “I won’t let you go no matter what because I love you soooo much” and the overall tendency to accept that kind of behavior as romantic rather than creepy and abusive.  It’s a pretty fine line between what falls within the sphere of perfectly normal romantic pining and what’s restraining order territory. I guess I’m a bit of an emo kid, and I do think moping and pining are an ok romantic outlet, so I would say that as far as pop songwriters go, Ben Gibbard is pretty harmless and seems like an alright dude irl. Still, it’s nice, very nice, to hear an assertive female voice of reason puncturing that romantic bubble. Sometimes you just gotta let go of your idealistic fantasies and move the fuck on with your life, and that’s a whole ‘nother genre of song.


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