Note to Self

This is precious! Jake Bugg is a precious little boy with fluffy hair. You may even decide it’s a mite too precious. A little bit too self-consciously retro. I mean, look at his adorable precious logo, it’s like he got himself signed to Deram Records. My opinion is, Jake Bugg can get away with pushing the homage towards parody for a couple of reasons. One, obviously, is he’s a seriously talented songwriter and musician, and that gives him a lot of leeway on how he wants to grow his image. And two, what he’s trying to evoke is not what anybody else would think of trying to evoke. He’s reminding me of a young folk-pop troubadour on a package tour in 1965, making an appearance on Ready, Steady, Go, or Thank Your Lucky Stars, or even TOTP. Who even remembers those things? When you might see a teenage David Robert Jones or Steven Georgiou sharing a bill with Billy Fury or Cilla Black on a shoddily produced variety show with a sarcastic host who hates rock’n’roll. That’s not a nostalgic vision many people share; it’s not the sixties kitsch that sells a million t-shirts, and if young Jake mimics those bygone figures a little too well, not many people would even notice.


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