Not Fair

Here’s one for the ladies! It’s the bad sex anthem we can all rally behind. Lily Allen has run into some hot water recently with a few tone deaf statements and a video that tried to be empowering and resoundingly did the opposite. She’s earned the qualifier ‘problematic’, fair enough. Apparently she’s clever but not very smart. But, intersectional feminism failure aside, she’s been consistent in putting out an empowering message, with a cute wink. Allen pointed out, after this song didn’t perform as well as her previous singles, that nobody wants to hear a girl singing about bad sex. But they really need to. More credentialed minds than me have written about the problem. The problem being that the conversation about women’s sexuality is still stuck at what constitutes ‘consent’, while what we really need is to move past being forced to debate the absolute basics and start talking about more subtle and insidious manifestations of sexual inequality and how they undercut our lives. Or, in the simple idiom of pop music, it’s not fair and it’s really not ok that we’re still expected to tolerate male mediocrity and be grateful just to be treated with respect. Respect should be the baseline, the starting point of every relationship, not a reward that’s grudgingly meted out to a select few. Stop internalizing cowboy movies and start reciprocating those cumshots.


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