Nobody’s Fault

After Radiohead, I think that Beck is the most overrated artist of the ’90’s and beyond’ era. I just cannot understand what the big deal is. Somehow he remains immensely popular and  well respected by his peers, critics and 90’s kids who want to show that they have serious tastes. The opinion of critics and pretentious 90’s kids I couldn’t give less shits about, but peer respect has to be respected. When Marianne Faithfull picks up one of your songs and lets you play on it, you surely must have something of value going on. I can’t quite see what it is, but Marianne Faithfull is a master at picking gems, sometimes out of pure rubbish. She can find the broken soul in a song that the original artist never even meant to put there. In her inimitable way, she breaks this one wide open, and she owns it forevermore.


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