Nobody’s Baby Now

I don’t know why and I don’t know how…

This is the height of Gothic romance. Nick Cave is too moody, Gothic and romantic for this world. These are dark corners of the human soul your average strip mall emo kid wouldn’t dare touch. I assume that something very bad happened to the woman in the song, something along the lines of Ophelia. It feels like a teaser of a great story, a novel that weighs several pounds whose author died of emphysema and never earned a penny from it. Nick Cave has yet to be the author of a readable novel, and he’s missed the boat on dying in squalor at a romantically young age, but his legacy doesn’t need embellishment. It’s enough to give me a story to imagine.


One thought on “Nobody’s Baby Now

  1. LadyKnitsALot says:

    this is one of my favourite NC&TBS songs. The “I don’t know why and I don’t how…” refrain lingers in your mind. And I love the imagery of “I loved her then, I guess I love her still. Hers is the face I see where a certain mood breaks in, she lives in my blood and skin.”

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