No You Girls

If this song makes me feel one thing, it’s the thrill of the hunt. This is a sexy modern classic, doing what sexy songs are meant to do. That is, making things that are dreary sound like an absolute blast. And when I say dreary things, I mean the slogging process of ‘dating’ and ‘putting yourself out there’. Which I’m sure is considerably less of slog when you’re a rock star in a leather jacket, but for us real life people, let’s face it, it’s less cruising and more trawling. But Franz Ferdinand makes everything fresh, sexy and fun! You too can imagine yourself being irresistible to the gender of your preference! You’re gonna get out there and slay ’em! Oh, maybe this one will be nice. Yeah, this makes me all pumped up to get out there and score. Obviously, my hunting life is as dead as Jacob Marley right now, but you know, there’s always the next party to go to.


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