No Surprises

At the risk of forfeiting all my street cred as a serious music critic, I’ll say this; Radiohead is the most ridiculously overrated band in living memory.  They’re one of those bands that pretentious people shit themselves praising, and I, I just don’t get it. They’re just so boring to me. That’s it. I don’t hate them, I don’t disagree with them, I won’t run screaming from the room if one of their albums comes on. They bore me to death. Then there’s this creepy little lullaby, which I’ve always made an exception for. I’ve always liked it, but it takes the amazing Amanda Fucking Palmer to give it the ukulele treatment it deserves. Palmer’s EP of all ukulele, all Radiohead covers was certainly a novelty project, a happy side effect of the singer learning a new instrument, but this rises far above novelty or toss-off. She brings out an intimacy in the song that wasn’t apparent in the original, not least because she enunciates the lyrics. It’s one of those unexpected moments when homage overshadows predecessor.


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