No Sunlight

The other day I was talking about not being emo enough for Death Cab anymore. Y’all know I was joking, right? For one thing, I’m too old to have been a proper ’emo kid’ anyway. I was already an adult when Death Cab for Cutie rose to popularity (though not much of one, so there’s some wiggle room there.) And although Ben Gibbard’s particular brand of soft-hearted navel gazing does appeal to the moodiness of adolescence, there are also plenty of things for older people to relate to. The slow, churning death of youthful idealism, for instance. That’s something you have to have lived a little to truly relate to. Of course, there’s still the emo contingent, bless their mournful little hearts. There’s a reason why the DCFC tag is almost one hundred percent lyric snippets over vintage filtered landscapes and flowers. It means that Death Cab, far from losing relevance with age, continues to appeal, and has found a fanbase with the generation that feels compelled to validate itself by making memes.


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