No Room In Frame

I hate to sound like a hipster, but here goes: I haven’t really listened to Death Cab for Cutie in a long long time, I guess they kind of remind me of my mid-twenties and I’m just not as emo as I used to be. Had to get that off my chest *twirls ironic mustache finger tattoo* I never was especially emo, but if I had been, I would be lamenting now that my emo self isn’t around to more deeply appreciate Ben Gibbard’s Big Divorce Album. Poignancy is Gibbard’s stock in trade, always has been, but it’s extra poignant with a muse the caliber of Zooey Deschanel, the more famous, more glamorous movie star ex-wife who, apparently, never had enough room in the spotlight for anyone but herself. It is my considered opinion that she is way, waaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy out of his league, but that somehow just makes the songs even more touching.



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