No Light, No Light

Oh, Florence and your amazing gift for drama. So visionary. Truly, Florence and the Machine answers the prayers of those of us who thirst for real, reach-for-the-rafters dramatic vision.  Most likely the real Flo doesn’t spend her time plummeting off tall buildings or climbing out of murky lakes at night (though I’ve heard that she likes to drink.) But you can easily imagine that that’s what she does. She presents herself as larger than life, with the effect that she seems like the star of some inner movie that we only see bits and pieces of. And we want desperately to see more. Besides making many images of great glamour, the dramatic visionary has the effect of building the ordinary into something grand. The businesses of the heart, so low down petty and mundane, need constantly to be redeemed by art; otherwise we couldn’t live with ourselves. We need to be shown drama and glamour, we need to be validated by something greater than ourselves, we need to believe that we too are the heroes of our own inner movie. That’s what the dramatic visionary does for us.


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