No Expectations

If you want to see this song in better action, turn to The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. There you’ll see the last live performance of Brian Jones, playing what would be his final major musical contribution to the Rolling Stones. By the time the song was played live a second time, Jones was dead and the performance was his ad hoc memorial. Jones was a person with immense musical talent and absolutely no ability to be a functional human being; his death surprised no one. The other Stones must have felt nothing but relief to have him finally out of their hair. The Stones in the Park is a bizarre document of a bizarre moment in a bizarre time. The Stones were rusty, the butterflies all died. The tribute felt half-hearted. The only part of the performance that still compels is Mick Jagger’s glorious flouncy white dress. But then there’s that blues song, proof that the blues can come pouring out of white men in flouncy white dresses, against all expectations. It almost seems as if The Rolling Stones sacrificed one of their own so they could play the blues.


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