Nipple to the Bottle

Ladies and gentlemen, Grace Jones is here with her reply every single one of those romanticized odes to male sexual entitlement; “If I don’t give it, you ain’t gonna get it.” Also, “you’re still a baby.” Tell ’em Grace,  tell ’em. Grace Jones lived to put a stiletto boot up the ass of all the expected conventions of what it meant to be a woman (and especially a woman of color) in the glamour industry. She was – and remains – terrifyingly unique, and not shy about it. Being glamorous and weird in a hostile world, as an act of defiance. Or call it being defiant as an act of glamour. So of course she would call bullshit on that old trope where male-gaze-havers pressure women to prove their worth by putting out, and she would make a pop hit out of it too.


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