The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt.

Joshua Tillman, of course, is the given name of the musician we all know and love as Father John Misty. In this video he does indeed come to his own apartment, and engages in some mildly disturbing and/or erotic bad behavior. That J. Tillman sure is a funny guy! He spent a large part of his ACL set last year mocking the ‘VIP’ guests using the space in front of his stage as a thoroughfare, and he has some words to say about the hipster scene that his beard and skinny pants have gotten him associated with. He dials the snark way, way up here too. The phenomenon of hipster groupies is almost too easy to mock, but this is about as cutting a portrait of a certain kind girl as I’ve ever heard. We’ve all seen you, girl-who-abuses-the-word-‘literally’; you’re annoying.


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