Next Exit

Still don’t know jackshit about these guys, but I keep playing them. I guess they keep a low profile, what with the long hiatus. I suppose that at some point I’ll look back and point out 2015 as my big Interpol year. Since there’s not much else to remember the year by, that’s a reasonable assumption. I do want to ask “where have you guys been all my life? where were you when I was so much more impressionable than I am now?” The answer, obviously, is that I just wasn’t paying attention until pretty recently. Better late than never, but I could have really used some Interpol when I was younger. Think of all the good glowering and moping I could have got done. Those are things I don’t have much time for anymore, but I used to really wallow in it. I just can’t work up the level of angst this music should be tuned to.

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