New Speedway Boogie

A four minute blues song, for those who don’t believe that the Grateful Dead could be concise. They could, and on record, they were. That deserves appreciation, even if you’re turned off or confused by the cultishness that surrounds the band. I find it rather mystifying myself, how a better than average but not by far the very best psychedelic rock band could spawn not only a following but an entire lifestyle with its own sayings, bywords, rules and symbols. It’s a subculture within a subculture. I’ve known a Deadhead or two in my time, and they’re mostly lovely people, those that aren’t too fried to function. And, yes, it’s an appealing lifestyle, for those of us who hold certain values (and appreciate a nice hit of acid,) I’ll give them that. But cultishness itself is a turn-off, and I’m not ready to plunge into so much iconography. It’s a subculture I’ll never fully submerge myself in, though I might play day tripper.

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