A New Career in A New Town

Every David Bowie album has been my favorite at one point or another, because each one suits a different need and reflects a different point in time. There’s so much David Bowie that there’s a David Bowie for every conceivable occasion. Low has the distinction of being the most perennial. It’s the Bowie album that, for me, fits every occasion. Being wordless for long stretches, and cryptic when he does decide to open his mouth, Low can be inscribed with any mood. Although the title of the album was very much a reflection of the artist’s emotional state at the time, the music doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Though the angst is undeniable, there are many bright moments too, with a sense of vision and purpose, feelings of triumph and hope. It’s as emotionally complex a piece of music as David Bowie has ever been responsible for. It suits me when I have the blues, and it suits me when I don’t.


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