Never Get Old

This is where David Bowie left us in 2003. A working musician who toured, gave interviews and appeared at public events. We didn’t read as much into everything he did; we didn’t know he would disappear for a full decade. We had no idea he could be so cruel like that. It took ten years for him to come back with The Next Day, the main concept of which appeared to be ‘hey, I’m still David Bowie and I do what I want.’ By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that the Blackstar album is almost upon us, and the video for that single is out. In it, among many cryptic references, we finally find out what became of Major Tom (it wasn’t anything good.) Which in turn leads me to suspect that in the near future, all the rest of the mythology is really going to come into focus. Bowie’s Earthly carapace can’t last much longer, so he needs to busy himself putting together the final pieces of the puzzle. So we followers can have a solid foundation in place for the future ascension of our faith and whatnot. In short, we’re reading very deeply for clues, on both old and fresh material. This is one is fairly self explanatory, as far as it goes; David Bowie never gets old.


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