Need You Tonight

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Get your sexy  80’s nostalgia. INXS were a band I never paid much attention to while they existed (which they don’t anymore because singer Michael Hutchence no longer exists.) But I’ve come to appreciate some of their hits. As I see it, they never achieved the status of a really essential band because they couldn’t fully live up to their singles. Their singles were great, but they couldn’t sustain enough ideas to back it up with a truly great album. (And admittedly, this opinion is based on just a glancing familiarity with their oeuvre.) They also couldn’t live up to their frontman.  Michael Hutchence was a sexy and charismatic lead singer stuck fronting a generic rock band with very little range. It’s hard to plow through even a greatest hits collection without noticing how little variation these musicians were capable of. Hamstrung by mediocrity, Hutchence made his legend through the usual extracurricular excesses; from drugs and alcohol, cavorting with a parade of buxom lady friends, and acting in bad movies; through to, unfortunately, his eventual death by suicide. Another tale of wasted potential, sigh…


One thought on “Need You Tonight

  1. Wouldn’t quite say INXS is mediocre, but close your eyes and listen and you can hear “bomp bomp bomp, another one bites the dust…”

    All kidding aside, their best song was “Don’t Change,” which was one of their lowest charters, and this made #1. Their other catalog highlight is the passionate “Never Tear Us Apart” which has one of the most smoking sax solos in all of rock.

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