Natural Mystic

There’s a natural mystic blowing through the air, and it’s called marijuana smoke. It’s going to, according to some people, solve all of our problems from war to glaucoma. It’s my personal opinion that the mystic powers of marijuana have been overstated, and the fetishistic attitude towards it is, to me, one of the least appealing aspects of the dorm-room counterculture cultus that Bob Marley has become an icon of. Now, I think it’s a perfectly fine drug, less enjoyable to me than alcohol and a whole host of other drugs, but definitely one that has its place in the pleasure pantheon. But I don’t view smoking it as a legit ‘way of life’ and I don’t have much use for people who do, unless they be of the Rastafarian persuasion. It’s a bit sad to me that out of all the ideas that Bob Marley strove to put out into the world, “let’s get high” is the one people latched onto. Getting high is great, but unless you’re also pursuing some deeper interests, those brain cells are just being baked away for nothing.


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