Natty Dread

Seminal reggae. Reggae music (in the right hands) has the unique ability to make people happy while also being thought provoking. In that light, I think Bob Marley would like you to take this opportunity to educate yourself on the historical and spiritual significance of the ‘natty’ dreadlock hairstyle associated with the Rastafari faith and reggae culture. Hint: black Jamaicans adopted the style as an homage to forebears who survived the Middle Passage. It’s actually more complicated than that and the tradition of wearing dreads predates the transatlantic slave trade, but yeah, honoring enslaved ancestors is a big part of it. So, if you’re white, you should probably not choose to make dreadlocks your big fashion statement. Find some other way of letting Mom and Dad know that you’re a big grown up adult now and you’re sticking it to the man and you totally smoke weed. This has been a public service announcement.


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