National Holiday

Not too up and up with the national holidays, I guess. Well, Pat MacDonald’s not the only one who finds ostentatious displays of nationalism during token holidays to be tacky. Parades, flag waving and 50% Off sales are just clutter on the calendar, commemorating holidays no one really cares about. Truly, I suspect most people don’t care about any holidays at all except Christmas and their own birthdays; everything else is just an excuse to get drunk. Timbuk 3 named their third album Edge of Allegiance, making it pretty clear that in their view, neither the present nor the future of life in America was bright at all. In fact, they took such a cynical view that they eventually, three albums later, had to write a song about their own cynicism. As it turned out, their Reagan-era angst towards a commercializing, dehumanizing, alienating, bureaucratic, poverty-stricken, evangelical, drug-and-alcohol addled, neverending asshole parade of a society has remained exactly as relevant as it was in the 80’s. The future never was bright, except for the handful of jerks who were dumb enough to see it that way, and it’s even muggier today.


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