Naked Kids

Now that summer finally appears to have run its course, here is a summer song. Grouplove are a band who, as their name implies, trade in musical good cheer. Trying too hard to evoke the spirit summer fun, or any other specific-yet-ineffable state, can sink into cloying, but this song toes the line. It’s buoyant and fun, and just chirpy enough. The video notches it up an extra level, with tantalizing footage of friends vacationing in Thailand. Exotic group vacations are a treat few of us have the deep pockets for, but the whole beers’n’bikinis thing translates anywhere. You don’t have to go to a faraway locale to enjoy that kind of fun; you can do it in your own backyard. We may not get to live day after day carefree and day-drunk and surrounded by friends, but we get those days every once in a while, and we all get happily sentimental about the feeling of a wet beer can and the sting of mild sunburn.


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