Mysterious Ways

I think this is actually the first time I’ve ever posted a U2 song. As you might have guessed, I don’t like them very much. Not because I have any particular animosity towards them or anything; I know some people find them annoying for reasons that are entirely non-musical. I honestly don’t care enough to be annoyed, and I think South Park pretty much had the last word in explaining how Bono can  appear to be such a total piece of shit, in spite of all his good-deed-doing. I think they were an alright band in the 80’s, who were relevant and made a couple of albums that qualify as minor classics. Then they just got boring, and that was that. Now it feels like their music is an afterthought; a small, not particularly important piece in the grinding machinery of the U2 Industrial Complex. I can’t understand why, at this point, anybody would want to be their fan, besides nostalgia, I suppose. (I’m aware that some people say the exact same thing about The Rolling Stones, and yeah, those people do have somewhat of a point.) Anyhow, despite my lukewarm feelings, I can concede the good bits. Achtung Baby was a good album, maybe even a great one, and it marks the peak before the long decline. This is a pretty fucking great song.


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