Mysterious Bruises

“I fought the floor, and the floor won”

More Art Brut. Because I just discovered them and sometimes when I just discover something I get carried away (but I’ve gotten better at keeping it under control/to myself as I’ve gotten older.) And also because, in this case, the recognition runs strong. Who among you hasn’t woken up after what was supposed to be a great night of partying looking like a trainwreck and  feeling injured but having to recollection of what harm you might have come to? It’s pretty much the story of every drinker’s life. You take it too far and you black out and you come to feeling sore and slightly confused. Then it’s all up to you and your detective skills to piece together if you actually had the great time you set out to have, or if you humiliated yourself in front of all your friends/your crush/your boss/law enforcement. In which case it’s better to never ever regain those memories. (If you’re a ladyperson, you would also be wondering if you need to go file a police report, but for the purposes of this entertaining blog, let’s keep it light and pretend that God really does look out for the very drunk. Stay safe, ladypeople!)


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