Mystic Man

On dope, you say? Peter Tosh was just doing his part in propagating weed culture. He didn’t live to see any results from his calls to legalize it. In fact, it’s been decades, and we’re still just taking baby steps. First step; acknowledging that weed is not the gateway to all evil. As Tosh pointed out, in a song released way back in 1979, there are plenty of worse things a man could be doing, ranging from hardcore drugs like heroin to the constant ingestion of hamburgers and soda pop. And back then, we weren’t eating nearly the amount of those things that we do now. Neither did we know how toxic it is to do so. Peter Tosh didn’t know those things either, but he was making a statement about the American-led global wave of cheap, cheesy, meaningless instant gratification. Keeping in mind that as a Rastafari Tosh would have viewed smoking as a spiritually significant activity, it’s easy to see why he places soda pop consumption on the same unwholesome level as heroin and cocaine. He was ahead of his time.


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