My World Is Empty Without You

And now, a shot of glamour from Diana Ross and The Supremes. The ‘girl group’ thing as The Supremes exemplified it was relatively short-lived; girl groups flourished for about a decade between the rise of rock’n’roll in the fifties, and the dawning realization, in the late sixties, that girls could be in groups and make music without male Svengalis like Berry Gordy breathing down their necks. Nonetheless, the impact of girl groups was strong. Their glamour, harmonies and sweet-but-sassy attitude have been a building block for female musicians from Debbie Harry to Lana Del Rey, to shout-out just the most obviously indebted. While it seems that a lot of girl group members were cast mainly for being pliable and able to look good in a bouffant, The Supremes boasted real star power, in the form of Diana Ross. The story of their ascension to stardom, infighting, power struggles and eventual demise can be enjoyed in the thinly fictionalized movie Dreamgirls (in which, it should be noted, the ‘Diana Ross’ character is portrayed as a decent person with not much control over the turns of her career, not a fame-hungry diva determined to outshine her bandmates.)