My Wild Love

This takes me away. Like a lot of people, I went through an obsessive teenage spell of listening to The Doors almost continuously. They have a special mystique that’s particularly potent to a half-baked and impressionable adolescent. And for a lot of kids, such as me, The Doors were just that; an avenue to images and ideas that were dangerously sophisticated. Jim Morrison introduced the concept of the rock singer as a modern-day shaman, a quasi-mystical being who helps us navigate the human journey (though following him too closely can be suicide.) This idea is now very much the bedrock in my view of life. It’s clear that the slow death of organized religion makes way for a new, individualized system of guidance. Pretty mind-blowing stuff for a child of 15, though. It was a light-bulb moment, of the sort that strikes the young with blinding force, when some of everything suddenly made sense. Everything never really makes sense, but some bits and pieces of it do fall together, occasionally.


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