My Sensation

Nina Hagen, the eternal inspiration. What a joy to witness an artist who has nothing to pursue except her own crazy muse. Maybe Hagen didn’t invent the idea of weirdness as its own reward, but nobody embodies it better. Why she hasn’t got all of pop culture at her feet – because she’s damn weird, that’s why. But, of course, she doesn’t give a shit about stupid things like popularity; that’s what allows her to be the provocateur that she is. And there’s nothing more glamorous, to my eyes. What’s she singing about? In her own words “UFO’s, God, love, sex, 7,8, 9, 10, 11…” In other words, anything that pops into her head, regardless if it makes sense or not. In this case, sex, I’m pretty sure. She’s always been outspokenly pro-sex and pro-nudity, sometimes making for some shocking moments. So yeah, Nina Hagen, wants you to celebrate your sexual sensations.

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