My Reason

To set the mood for whatever escapades you’ve got planned for the night, here is a sweaty, hairy Greek man in a paisley caftan to trill you a love song. With all due respect to the recently deceased Demis Roussos, he was a bit of a comical figure. He worked with what he had, I suppose, and I guess that in 1973 being a fatter, more ethnic Cat Stevens was a viable option for a pop singer. And, again, I don’t mean to belittle the man’s gifts; he had a truly unique voice. It’s just that he seems, now, to be a testament to some aspect of 60’s pop culture that is lost to today’s understanding. Not that he had any success in America, but the British liked him, and he was a smash on the continent. There’s just something adorably naive and off-trend about the unabashed romantic folksiness of Roussos’ music, and as luck would have it, it somehow was, at the time, on-trend enough to make him a pop star.


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