My Only Love

Stop, you’re making my cold heart quiver a little. I don’t believe in grand romantic statements; I find it histrionic. But coming from Bryan Ferry’s lips, the idiotic idea of pining for your ‘only love’ suddenly makes me mushy. I’ll hold off on my well rehearsed rant about how our conceptions of what constitutes ‘romantic’ behavior are harmful and misplaced. Sometimes you just wanna pine and you just wanna get mushy. Sometimes you wanna hold on to the fantasy that you’re only allotted one great love in your life and once it’s slipped through your fingers you’ve nothing left to do but mope on a balcony with a cigarette and a flute of champagne. (My preferred image of romantic moping being Bryan Ferry’s image of romantic moping.) And if you have the mental wherewithal to realize that the fantasy is just that, your mope time can even be enjoyable and therapeutic. One of these days I’ll come up with a great playlist of approved romantic mope music to help you mope in style.