My Hometown

Here’s Bruce Springsteen doing what he does best; being at once schmaltzy and depressing as fuck. Springsteen has revealed that depression is something he’s struggled with throughout his life, so it makes sense that a lot his music reflects dark feelings. For a lot of people, the schmaltzy American-good-ole-boy side of Bruce is all they really care to know. Understandable, and he has more than enough upbeat material to get the happy juice pumping in the brain. The darker side is a lot less fun, but definitely more rewarding, and it does balance out the rather corny Springsteen-kitsch phenomenon of bandanna waving Jersey boy patriotism. I don’t love Bruce Springsteen, but I have to admire his skill at taking nostalgic Americana and looking at it in a darker light. You can be sentimental about the American way of life and still realize that it’s often hard and shitty and unfair and ugly, and that’s what Springsteen does so well.


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