My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Well, this isn’t creepy at all, or weird. Just a fine young lady celebrating her healthy and fulfilling relationship with a paternal older man. And, oohhh yes, she does mean sugar daddy. Ain’t nothing wrong with scoring a little sugar from a man who can afford to give it, amirite, ladies? That Eartha Kitt was a naughty, naughty lady, who sang, in a trilling voice, many songs similarly dripping with innuendo. She wiggled and purred like a black Marilyn Monroe, and got away with being dirty in a way blonde girls couldn’t. It was no wonder that Monroe in her turn would perform the same song a few years later (the two were friends). No wonder either that Kitt would became a high-camp icon for playing Catwoman. She was a very singular talent who forged her own path in Hollywood at a time when there were no paths in Hollywood for women of color. She embraced her role as a trailblazer and activist, having nothing to lose and everything to gain from being outspoken. Some personalities just can’t be molded into the regular Hollywood shapes, and thank goodness, so we have someone to sing sultry songs about sugar daddies.


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