My Girl Lollipop

Brighten up your day with some ska! Bad Manners were probably the silliest, and therefore fun, groups of the early 80’s ska revival. Where many of their peers delved into social commentary and prided themselves on political awareness, Bad Manners just wanted to play fun music laced with raunchy humor. Millie Small’s original 1964 hit My Boy Lollipop was regarded as a novelty song, despite being one of the biggest selling ska songs to this day. The novelty lay partly in Small’s unusual voice, and in large part in the fairly unsubtle double-entendre of the title. Both of those things being just a perfect match for Bad Manners, with Buster Bloodvessel’s unusual voice and love of unsubtle entendres. Either way, it’s an irrepressibly fun song, and who doesn’t love a lollipop?


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