My Eyes Have Seen You

The Doors remain inimitable. No one has ever really evoked their sound or their image. Which is fine, because it’s not a good idea to even try. Their balance of psychedelia, blues and jazz influences, literary references, sexual charisma and barely held back chaos was so unique, so disparate from what was going on around them and yet so of its time. Had Jim Morrison not performed a masterstroke of icon-making by dying, that balance would surely have toppled, sooner rather than later. At the time of his death, the band was at a near breaking point anyway and it was unclear if they’d reunite again at all. What was Morrison planning to do? It is not known. Maybe he would have settled down in Paris, become a Serge Gainsbourg for the LSD set, composed some chansons for the accordion, cut ties with the rock star life. Who knows.


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